How To Keep Running When You Really Want To Stop

Keep Moving With Walk-Breaks:

Maintain forward momentum by alternating short walking intervals with running, reducing fatigue and the urge to stop.


Gradual Pace Reduction:

Slow your running speed to a manageable level, allowing you to continue when the desire to stop arises.


Visualize a Target:

Focus on a fixed point ahead to distract from fatigue, keeping your eyes on the goal instead of stopping.


Plan Walking Stops:

Set predetermined intervals for walking breaks, offering brief relief while keeping you on track for the run.


Time-Based Milestones:

Establish time goals for your run to motivate and push through moments of wanting to quit.


Controlled Breathing Attention:

Concentrate on your breathing rhythm to divert attention from fatigue and maintain a steady running flow.


Mental Mantra Selection:

Choose a positive mantra or phrase to repeat in your mind, bolstering your determination to continue running.


Musical Distraction:

Use music to divert your focus from exhaustion, motivating you to push through your desire to stop.


Engaging Podcasts:

Tune in to captivating or motivational podcasts to keep your mind engaged, making it easier to persist in your run.


Discover Your Running Why:

Remind yourself of your personal reasons for running, reigniting your motivation when you feel like stopping.


Reliable Running Partner:

Run with a dependable buddy who can offer support, encouragement, and accountability, making it easier to continue.


Post-Run Reward:

Promise yourself a post-run reward to create an incentive, driving you to persist even when you want to stop.

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