Why my fitAnalytica watch and iphone shows different step count?

Watch App

There are several reasons why your FitAnalytica app may not be syncing properly:

1. You may not have granted access to Apple Health. To enable access, open the Apple Health app on your iPhone, select your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, navigate to "Privacy," and select "Apps." Find FitAnalytica and enable access to all options.

2. You may not be using an Apple Watch. Please note that FitAnalytica only supports the use of Apple Watch, and no other wearable devices at this time.

3. Sync should happen automatically, To initiate syncing manually, open both the FitAnalytica phone app and the Watch app and place them in close proximity to one another. The sync should begin automatically.

4. If the sync issue persists, you can report a bug by sending an email from the FitAnalytica app.

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